We design, pack and deliver

PW Logistics Slovakia s.r.o., r. s. p.

PW Logistics Slovakia s.r.o., r. with. Mr. is an integrated social enterprise and we have been operating on the Slovak market since 2009.

We provide the following services:

  • Logistics services
  • Ecological products
  • Packing material
  • Storage of goods
  • Transport and distribution of goods
  • Packaging design
  • Printing production

We offer our clients quality and complex services from packaging design, production, economic packaging, storage and final distribution.

If necessary, we are ready to provide complete outsourcing from the packaging process through storage to final distribution. The most important thing for us is the satisfaction of our customers and our employees.

By cooperating with us, you support people who are disabled and at the same time you can apply for compensation for your company.

In addition to packaging work, we can also provide you with services in the field of packaging design and production, and we will also process company marketing printed materials for you. We will prepare the concept and design of the packaging of your products.

We are a member of ECPA