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Protected Workshop

PW Logistics Slovakia s.r.o. is an excellent partner for medium and large companies, which save a considerable amount of money by placing an order with our protected workshop. These financial resources are spent efficiently and economically, as they provide employers with a consideration for packaging services or polygraphic production.

The company PW Logistics Slovakia s.r.o. obtained the status of a protected workshop in 2009. In 2019, we transformed into a so-called Social enterprise. We currently employ 10 citizens with reduced health capacity.

What is substitute performance and protected workshop

A Sheltered workshop or also a sheltered workplace is a workplace that employs at least 50% of employees with disabilities. According to § 9 par. 1 of the Employment Act No. 139/2008, these are companies employing citizens with disabilities who:

  • they are unable to find employment on the open labor market
  • are training or preparing for work
  • due to health risks, they are temporarily unable to perform their current job, if the employer does not have another suitable job for them

In such a sheltered workshop, the working conditions, including the requirements for work performance, are adapted to the health status of citizens with disabilities.

What do you get by working with our protected PW workshop?

Any company in Slovakia that employs more than 20 employees must by law also employ people with disabilities, at least in the number of 3.2% of the total number of employees. If for some reason it is not possible to create a job for disabled citizens, the company is forced to pay a fine/levy once a year.

If you belong to such companies, we have a solution for you. This cooperation is beneficial for both parties. If you use services for which you do not have to pay a fine to the state, and you also give work to citizens with disabilities. Substitute performance is more advantageous than paying taxes to the state.